Suppose, you have 100 Reliance Industries which you would like to pledge & price is trading at Rs.2000.

You have raised pledged request (say on Monday). On successful authentication by client via OTP, 50% of Haircut (as mentioned by SEBI Circulars), you will be getting benefit of Rs.1 lakh in Pledge Benefit Column from Tuesday onwards. You can now, take margin benefit for trading purpose.

In order to sell the shares, you need to reduce the margin as value you are intending to sell. Example, out of Rs. 1 lakh benefit, you have utilized 40K and other 60K is free.

Right click on Holdings Page -> Pledged Stocks and raise request for unpledged for 60 shares of Reliance Industries. On acceptance of this request, you will be getting Rs. 40K benefits from pledged stocks.

In case of excess margin utilized, unpledged request will be rejected.

For all accepted request, unpledged will be done by DP team on same day by 6.00 PM.

Wednesday, Quantity will be visible on 60 shares on FREE shares column, from where you can sell the shares in CNC product.

Note: Pledge request can be created for FREE Shares, but not for Pending settlement stocks.