Can I buy other stocks out of sold shares (Equity – Credit for Sale)?

Yes, you will be getting full benefit all the FREE shares that are sold in CNC. However, shares that are under PENDING Settlement, you will be getting benefit after deducting VAR+EML Margin, as Early Pay-In cannot be done for these shares. This Equity – Credit for Sale, can be used across all the products to further trades. Please refer, Margin Component page.

When will I get pledge benefits and how much value?

Pledge benefit will be available from next day, after you have authenticated via OTP (link sent by CDSL) pledge request. Pledge Benefit will be marked as 50% of previous day closing price.

Can I convert from NRML to MIS or vis-a-versa, after trade is executed?

Yes, you are allowed to convert as per your requirement – with respect to available margin allowed in your account.

If I buy any stock today in BTST, can I sell in CNC?

No, Stocks of yesterday’s holding such as FREE Shares & Pending Settlement Shares are allowed to sell in CNC. Stocks that are bought in BTST, can be sold in BTST on same day.

How is BTST, a useful product for me?

BTST stands for Buy Today, Sell Today or Tomorrow. You can first buy the shares, and then sell the same shares or hold as per your requirement.

Benefit that you will be getting in using this product is BUYING can happen as per VAR+ELM, but not full value of stock (as compared to CNC).

You will be having 3 days of time to either transfer the balance funds to make them fully paid up or sell the stock within 3 days. Fourth day, our risk management team will be selling the stock up to the debit balance in your account.

Example, you have Rs. 25K in your account, to buy Reliance worth Rs.1.00 lakh, you need VAR+ELM margin of Rs.22K. Hence, order will permitted and passed by risk team as VAR+ELM is 22K, and available is 25K. However, you need to transfer, balance 75K within 3 days. Else, risk team will sell the stocks value up to 75K on 4th day of your trading.

What is difference between MIS and BTST when both are considering VAR+ELM margin while initiating the trades?

In BTST, our risk team will wait for funds to paid by client for 3 days, where as in MIS product – all the trades will be sold by TIMER-mode by 3.15 PM as MIS stands for Margin Intraday Square off.

Why, my trades got squared off in MIS, even though I had full funds available in my account?

All the trades in MIS will be squared off by 3.15 PM, even if you have full-funds available on account. While initiating the trade itself, please make you will product you are trading. However, you can change the product from MIS to CNC/BTST/NRML or vis-a-versa. Even, options which are bought or sold will get squared off in Timer Mode, for all MIS trades.

So, if you wish to buy the stock on basis of VAR+ELM and should not get squared off by TIMER –Mode, you can use BTST product to trade.

What is difference between CNC and NRML?

For all equity market – we use CNC / BTST / MIS products, whereas, for all Derivative Market – we use NRML/MISTIMER-Mode is applicable for MIS trades only.

BTST / MIS are leveraged product, whereas CNC and NRML are normal products or no leverage products.

Can I Sell the shares after I have raised request for pledge?

Yes, you can sell the shares as shares are still in FREE column. Your request will be nullified

Can I cancel my pledge request?

Yes, final pledge has to be authenticated by client via OTP System & link sent by CDSL. If you decide not pledge, you shall not authenticate and hence, shares will not marked as pledged.